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Plump your Pucker!
Great News: The Doc Spa is offering $100 off of any facial filler and $225 of any two facial fillers!!! Want even more treats?? Call to have a FREE consult!!!
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Wow, we want to thank everyone that was able to make it the BioTE seminar this past Thursday and apologize that we were not able to accommodate everyone. Keep your eyes peeled and register early for our up events! ... See MoreSee Less

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Creepy crepe paper necks are knocking on your door! Dissolve fat and tighten your neck with Kybella this week!!! See our website for a sweet treat of a deal!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Available Injection Therapy in Albuquerque
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Best Hair Restoration

All-natural hair restoration means no side effects, and the DocSpa has PRP treatment available to help you combat hair loss.

Skin Tightening Procedures

Snug, smooth skin is youthful and attractive, and the DocSpa has a variety of treatments available to help people get the tighter, younger looking skin they want.

Cellulite Treatment with Venus Legacy

For effective, noninvasive cellulite treatment, The DocSpa utilizes the innovative Venus Legacy to combine radio frequency and electromagnetic energy.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Emotional or physical discomfort can be alleviated with the variety of vaginal rejuvenation options available at the DocSpa.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is one of the most common complaints that plague Americans today, but the DocSpa has a treatment available that utilizes your body’s natural growth factor to restore hair.

Priapus Shot

A new method of treating erectile dysfunction and improving the male orgasm, the Priapus shot is available now at the DocSpa.

Improve Male Sexual Performance

Sexual health is as important to quality of life as general health, and the DocSpa has treatments available to improve orgasms and contribute to improved sexual health.

Improve Orgasms

Sexual health is as important to quality of life as general health, and the DocSpa has treatments available to improve orgasms and contribute to improved sexual health.

How Does the O-Shot Work?

A revolutionary way of increasing a woman’s sexual health, the O-Shot is available at The DocSpa.

How Does the P-shot Work?

The Priapus shot available at the DocSpa incorporates established PRP usage in a way that improves circulation and function of the penis.

I Am Beautiful

“ I am beautiful. So many of us hesitate to think it—much less say it! But there are many ways to define being beautiful. Yes, it absolutely can be physical beauty. It can also be courage, kindness, humor, gentleness, motherhood, and a million other things. “—Kelly St. John

I was really struck by that. As a working professional, business owner, mother, and wife, I spend most of my time coordinating schedules and caring for my patients, staff, and family. It’s all I can do to just barely put myself together before walking out of the house. When do I ever have time to feel beautiful?! But pause…I’m told by patients, friends, and in rare moments, even my family, that I am beautiful. So, perhaps it’s time that I believe it, and LIVE it. As women, we take care of so many people, and it is the love and care that we put into our what we do that makes us who we are. We are not defined by beauty; rather it is WE who define BEAUTY, by our love for the people around us. It shows in the hug we give, smile we flash, even when we tell our kids, “don’t make me ground you!” So, in celebrating the upcoming holiday season, let’s celebrate our womanhood and our beauty! For all that you do, treat yourself, pamper yourself, and say it, to yourself, “I AM BEAUTIFUL!”